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My name is Franziska Höllbacher, and I am currently working as a children's books illustrator and graphic designer in Salzburg, while studying Multi Media Art on the FH Puch-Urstein. 

For my work as an illustrator, I mostly work with watercolors and ink, but I also love to draw digitally using Photoshop and the Kyle T. Webster Brushes. On my iPad I usually make sketches and just play around, while riding the bus or sitting in the garden :)

As a graphic designer I am working with the Creative Cloud, but find it very useful and exciting to also work here traditionally as well, making textures and illustrations, which can be used digitally afterwards. 

If you have any questions concering my work, please write under: hello@franzi-illustrates.com

Katze_Franziska Höllbacher Kinderbuch Illustration

Franziska Höllbacher_Kinderbuch Illustration

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